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Chemicals & Reagents


HiMedia is a major brand in the field of microbiology in the world for manufacturing high quality culture media and has over the years created a rich portfolio of exemplar quality products. We produce a comprehensive range of Plant and Animal based hydrolysates with advanced products in the fields of Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology.

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Merck is the world market leader in manufacturing and marketing liquid crystals for liquid crystal displays (LCD). Specialty chemicals from Merck are important ingredients when developing products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, plastics, coatings and printing industries.

Laboratory Reagents & Chemicals

Acids, Solvents, Inorganic Salts, Laboratory Detergents, Disinfectants, Karl Fischer Solutions, Indicator EtStains, pH Papers, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Bulk Packs

Laboratory Reagents a Chemicals - Manufactured in Germany

  • Inorganics & Solvents
  • Buffers, Extran, Karl Fischer, Products for Pharmacopeial Analysis, pH Papers, Reference Standards
  • Organic synthesis
  • Novabiochem
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GeNei products have been essential tools in the armor of biologists in the fields of academic research and education as well in industry-based research organizations for the past 28 years. Our experience, expertise and competitive prices make us a one-stop shop for customers demands in the fields of molecular biology, research and teaching kits , lab equipment and customized antibodies amongst other products. We have a loyal customer base and long-standing relationships with colleges, universities, biotech industries, and research institutes all over India. As an ever growing company we aim to both continue the tradition of high-quality products as well as expand our offering in the education and research spheres.

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Spectrum reagents & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd Quality policy is our pledge to every customer to deliver the right product and the wright service on time ,the first time every time We strictly adhere to the highest quality operating standard, a commitment that is constantky reflected by every member of our organization we are always available to counsel our custmers on safe product use, handing and disposal.